They did their job, even though the radiator was bent it didn't leak! The hit was hard enough to break the left side case, bike was totaled!

Mont Vernon, NH

Thank you for your quick response. The blue guards I got for the YZ 250X are amazing. The fitment was perfect and the blue ano came out awesome. Well worth the wait.
Kyle Reid

I received my guards today and installed them. The finish and quality look awesome. They fit very snugly within the radiator sides. In fact, I had to do a littlebending on my radiator as they were a little bent up. They look like they would slide in perfectly on a new radiator. They basically use the same mounting points as the KTM hard parts guards, and look to be just as strong as they are machined from a single piece of aluminum, plus they offer frontal protection. Just for kicks, I tossed them on the scale and they were about 1/2 a pound less each than the KTM Hardparts guards. I have been looking for a guard that was as strong as the KTM Hardparts that also offer frontal protection, and I have found them. They are a little pricey, but not having to end a day of riding early after driving two hours to get there is worth it!

Tustin, CA

I talked with Nate at Bullet Proof and he overnighted a set to me so I would have them in time to run the National Enduro in Athens Ohio. Install was just as easy as advertised. It only took me about 15 minutes to install both sides and they fit perfectly. The next day I fully tested them in the Enduro. It was 108 miles of some pretty tight nasty stuff. The temp was around 90-95F. My 06 450 exc never got hot or even boiled the gas in the tank. Better yet, on a steep down hill, I went of course and smacked a tree hard directly on the front of the right side radiator. I couldn't believe it when I had a chance to check it out later. There was absolutely no damage to the radiator or the guard. These guards are expensive, but they are worth every penny and the customer service I received working with Nate was first rate. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking about a set of guards for their bike.

Hilliard, OH

I just purchased a chain guide reinforcer from you and just wanted to say the fit and finish was great and the installation instructions and hardware was first class.

Agua Dulce, CA

BPD guards are the best, superior craftsmanship, and great customer service. Top notch, period.

Lake Ozark, MO

Just put mine on tonight, WOW! what a pleasure installing something that you do not have to hog out holes with the drill to make hardware fit, or file!! had them on in 10 minutes, these have to be the best thing since sliced bread or pockets on a shirt. I also bought the swingarm guard for the chain block (switched mine from stock to TM design chain block) this is also a quality piece of metal, protects tabs on swingarm from ever getting bent or broken, new swing arms are $500.00 or so.. great stuff, spend the dough and get the best!!!!!

Havelock, Canada

Received and fitted my guards yesterday and must say how impressed I am with the quality. Beautiful made. Evan my wife was impressed. Far better than anything available over here. Can't wait to show them off. Its a pity you haven't got a supplier in the UK.

Cheshire, England

Have just picked up my guards and fitted them, quality and fit is absolutely spot on, a great product, to say I'm happy would be an understatement. Will spread the word with my riding buddies in the UK.

United Kingdom

When the guards arrived they were much lighter than I had anticipated, but still stout and with plenty of material in all the right places. Nothing stands out as a weak point here. Installation was very easy, all the holes lined up perfectly (on the straight radiator anyway, the other one’s tweaked and required a touch of Dremel action). Once in place these things are SOLID. I surely don’t see myself twisting a radiator again anytime soon. My only regret? Not getting these sooner. By “saving money” with cheaper guards I ruined a trail ride that I had driven over 50 miles to get to, had to limp an injured bike out of a canyon, and then spent a wad of money on getting my radiator fixed and shipping it back and forth. When I was sitting there watching fluid spew from my bike I would have gladly handed over $200 to someone to make it like it never happened.

2005 YZ250 Tucson, Arizona

I just got them tonight and damn these things are sweet...I've never seen an aftermarket part made so incredibly well. These braces are cut from solid billet and milled to such perfection that when I slid them over the radiator, it felt like surgical precision. No force or coercion of any kind.....every hole and bolt lined up perfectly. They are a testament to fine craftsmanship and I tip my hat to the person that made these. The price for these, $189.00 seemed a might steep.....but now that I see them in person, I understand. They look like they could withstand just about any hit......and the bling factor to boot!!!

Chandler, AZ

Fit like a glove, i just went anodized black with ktm engraved in them. i like those better than any other guard i had on any of my bikes, and i have had flatland ,devol, works connection bpd have been the easiest to install and i believe the strongest, they simply do not move!

Lynchburg, VA

I got my guards installed and just wanted to let you know I am very happy. I like the clean, simple, strong attachment. Thanks !!

Sierra Vista, AZ

Just installed a black set on the new KTM 250 XCF-W! These are amazing. Wayyyyy lighter that expected, yet strong as an ox - plus they look fantastic, fit like a glove.

Calgary, Canada

Your guards did exactly what I was hoping they would do for my situation. My 450sx-f would fling mud, grass and leaves in between the stock louvers and radiators blocking off about a third of the fins. After last weekend's GNCC I had complete air flow to the radiators.

Wheelersburg, OH

Just installed a black set on a new '08 250XC - fit was perfect, and compared to all the other guards I have used in the past, the quality, ease of install, and apparent strength make these an absolute bargain. Everyone who has seen them comments on the great engineering and looks. Keep up the great work on a fantastic product!

Pittsburgh, PA

I got the radiator guards yesterday , thanks a bunch for all your help . They are just awesome , the best design and quality i have seen yet ..... oh and they fit like a glove . I am very happy with your product .

Aloha from Hawaii

Just got my Black KTM engraved guards in. These things looks so awesome on the bike, I feel much better now. I had a bit of trouble getting on the right side, but that was because the radiator was bent. they feel like a truck could run them over and it would not bend them. GREAT PRODUCT!

Cape Cod, MA
I bought the BPD guards after demolishing a hard parts brace. I have tested them many times and I love them. When I put them on I had a slightly twisted rad on the right. I use a C clamp to twist it so I could install the BPD guard. The BPD guard actually holds the radiator straight, BPD is worth the money for sure.

Avondale Estates, GA

Your customer service speaks volumes for you! It has been a pleasure working with you and Thanks for standing behind your product. That is something that you don’t see a lot of these days. Best of luck in your ventures!

Louisville, KY

From my point of view, the Bulletproof Designs guards fit great, look great and seem quite sturdy as to offer considerable support to maintaining the radiator's position and shape without sacrificing air flow to the radiator. Two thumbs up guys. Great product.

Canyon Lake, CA

These are desert racing tested and I heartily approve! I got the standard ones and there is never any bush debris that impairs air flow with these. I have no overheating issues. I just have lots of confidence that the bushes have no effect on my radiator and if I crash its not the radiators that I'm concerned with. They really help to make my bike bullet proof and worth the extra dinero! If you DNF once because of a radiator failure, you could have recouped your money by buying these. The cost of racing far exceeds the cost of the entry fee alone and time spent.

Lancaster, CA

Just a quick note I received the anodized guards for my KTM EXC 300 and EXC 525 (both 2006), the product quality and fitting are excellent. They look fantastic. The 525 took 10mins to fit and the 300 about 20min ( the 300 has spacers that are a little fiddly). I placed the order on the 5-5-06 and the goods were delivered to my door in Sydney, Australia at 7:30am on the 5-9-06. I am so impressed with the level of service that I have been quoting the service and product quality to our "marketing" department and anyone else that will listen. Once again excellent product and service "five stars".

Sydney, Australia

WOW, the single best purchase for the bike. The cool factor is off the scale and not to mention that they protect.. Keep up the good work. Black is the only way to go.

Las Vegas, NV

Received my black ones today. Well worth the wait. Knew it would be. Perfect fit - 10 min simple install (manual ratchet). Looks and feels like aircraft structural grade alloy to me. Light as a feather. I can just envision the CNC milling these for several hours with very expensive bits and lots of machine-lube. Anodizing is AAA. Extreme quality and simplicity. Great value and would not blink to buy these again. Thanks BPD for making such a great rad guard. Can't wait to get the BPD gripper graphics!! Great service too! Thanks Nate.

Calgary, AB

Just finished putting my guards on tonight, great fit, awesome product. I wish every aftermarket accessory fit like these, bolt on and ride. Thanks Nate!!

Danville, IN

I might order another set just to hang on the wall in the shop! These things look trick.

Cloverdale, CA

I broke down and shelled out the $$ to try a pair of the bulletproof designs guards and they are the best I have seen for protection. I was leery of the $$ but they are well worth it. Front and side protection in a billet design rather than stamped.

Boston, MA

My guards arrived yesterday, these things are choice! The installation is foolproof and fit is precise. makes my 'other' guards look like scrap metal.

Cloverdale, CA

I just got my guards yesterday. They're a work of art. I believe my rad tweaking days are over. These are just the best, IMO.

Rogers, AR